I am a dynamic, relational and creative Strategic Leadership Consultant with over 20 years experience of helping both public and private sector organisations reach even higher levels of performance excellence and results.

My early days in youth work, combined with successful HR, change agent and commercial roles with Tesco and Coca-Cola developed the skills and insight needed to combine and align the hard and soft stuff that successful people and organisations need.

I work with senior leaders across all sectors and help them, their teams and their whole organisations to ask (and answer) the big questions.....

Larry's question to you:

"What Kind of Leadership Will It Take to Meet and Beat Your Strategic Objectives?"

From you as a leader, from you as a senior leadership team, and from all of you in the organisation collectively?

Five key questions to answer Larry's question:

Question 1
Why Does Our Organisation, Division or Team Exist?
Exploring organisation, division or team purpose and value

Question 2
What Business Are We In?
Exploring what we are in, and what we are not in
Question 3
What's Going On Out There Which Affects Us In Here?
Identifying the external opportunities and threats affecting us
Question 4
How Well Placed Are We?

An honest assessment of our internal capabilites to be ready for and respond to opportunities and threats
Question 5
What Could & Should We Do To Remain Successful in the Future?
Broadening our strategic thinking, considering our strategic choices, using key change tools, and creating an inspirational and aspirational vision of the future

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